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meticulously bespoke vacations in Tuscany 


how do we do it?

we blend

the beauty of Tuscany

the luxury of our private  hotel

and your ideas and requests


to create 

a perfectly tailored

and totally individual

Tuscan experience


Our Hotel...


Your Hotel

 iCastagni is a private hotel

offering you the truly special experience of complete privacy

Our exclusive-use policy guarantees that you and your group will have the entire hotel to yourselves for the duration of your stay.  All the hotel's amenities, services, grounds, and staff will be devoted to you only, providing you with the perfect base for your bespoke holiday in Tuscany.


the entire hotel becomes yours for the duration of your stay

yours will be the only group on



the services and infrastructure of a hotel...but you just happen to know all the guests

eight bedrooms
accommodating individual groups up to

a maximum of sixteen people

our minimum stay is

four rooms for four nights

luxury tuscany holiday
boutique hotel Montefollonico

 the setting


Your Tuscan Village


Your Tuscan Room


Your Tuscan Pool and View

we are in heart of Montefollonico, a beautifully preserved authentic Tuscan village, where the rhythm of Tuscan life ticks along today as it has for centuries


this is a real village, with a real community, which functions year round - not just in the summer months for tourists

​it has great amenities: restaurants within walking distance, a small grocery store, a coffee shop and bar,

a chemist/pharmacy, a bank machine/ATM, and amazing far-reaching views.  


tucked between two of Tuscany's glittering jewels, Montepulciano and Pienza, iCastagni and Montefollonico are

the perfect base for your Tuscan experience


we believe that a really comfortable bedroom,
with well-thought-through details, is a vacation essential


All rooms showcase the beauty and character of an old Tuscan building but they are totally up to date in all other areas.  Muted colours and a careful blend of antique and modern furnishings create elegant rooms which are luxuriously comfortable and perfect for unwinding in.  Beds are big and comfortable, bathrooms have powerful showers (some have tubs too).  All toiletries are organic.  The property is fully air-conditioned and there are also mosquito nets at windows if you prefer the cooling valley breeze.  There is heating and a roaring log fire in winter.

We have things to make your stay easier; USB plug-in points for your IT, powerful hairdryers with long cables, and universal plugs so that you don't have to pack

your adapters.  

We don't have things which annoy you, such as piles of scatter cushions and

lamps you can't reach.

We have a small team of staff whose sole focus will be you and your group. 

Please see below for more photographs of our interior spaces and gardens


Ground floor bedrooms have direct access to the gardens, terraces, and pool.  


All our bathrooms have powerful showers and quality

modern fittings. 


 i castagni translates as the chestnut trees


there are three booking options


The Roots

This price includes your exclusive use of iCastagni, its grounds, staff, amenities and facilities.  


Breakfast each day is staffed, bedrooms have a thorough daily maid service, and the grounds and pool are cared for and tidied to ensure everything is in good order for you each morning.

Level 1

Ideal for groups of guests who are visiting the area as part of an external itinerary or event and are looking for luxury accommodation for their group



Ideal for travel companies or travel coordinators who organise and run their own programmes but who are looking for quality accommodation and excellent hospitality for their guests

we are delighted to continue to develop our partnership with Tuscan Women Cook, one of the

original 'full-immersion cooking holiday' travel companies, and warmly look forward to

welcoming and hosting their guests each year.  


please visit for more information about their holidays and programmes.   


The Roots and Trunk

This level gives you exclusive use of iCastagni, as per Level One, but also includes your individually-designed bespoke programme.  


The price will be based on what you would like to do and how you would like to do it.  We will discuss your ideas, adding advice and local knowledge along the way as required, and will then create a totally individual itinerary for your approval.   

You will also have the choice of being accompanied or unaccompanied during your programme.

Level 2

Ideal for those who are looking to maximise their relaxation and down-time in Tuscany by delegating the planning, organising and fine-tuning of their itinerary.

We live here year-round and know which levers to pull to open the doors to the Tuscany you want to experience. Whether it's using our local knowledge to gain access to places which are only frequented by locals, to creating a luxurious itinerary with a translator by your side throughout.


Need inspiration?  Please click on the 'Level 2-Bespoke' button in the menu bar above. 

The Roots, Trunk and Branches

This level is reserved for a small number of itineraries crafted by us each year and which you can find by clicking on the Level 3-Experiences tab

These itineraries are limited to a maximum of 12 participants,  with places being booked individually or as a group.

We take care of everything; from the smallest details to the most-complicated specifics.  

Please click on
'Level 3-Experiences' to learn more.


Level 3

Ideal for guests who have never been to Tuscany before and don't quite know what they want to do; for those who have previously visited and now want to delve deeper into this wonderful country; or for those who don't have time to consider ideas for an itinerary.

Busy people, we understand you.


Please click on the 

'Level 3-Experiences' 

tab in the menu bar for more details.

Your booking comprises the entire hotel, its facilities, and its staff. 

We cannot therefore rent individual rooms, or rent for less than four nights. Our minimum booking is four rooms for four nights.





26-30 BOOKED


1-2, 4-11, 12-17, 19-24, 26-31 BOOKED


2-7, 9-14, 16-21, 28-30 BOOKED 



24-28 BOOKED


23-31 BOOKED



8-13, 15-20, 22-27, 29-30 BOOKED



1-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25 BOOKED

26-30 ON HOLD










8-25 ON HOLD



11-16, 18-23, 25-30 BOOKED


1-6, 8-13, 15-20 BOOKED

22-28 ON HOLD 



23-30 ON HOLD 

31 August THE REAL TUSCANY begins


1-6  THE REAL TUSCANY continues

7-12, 14-19, 21-26, 28-30 BOOKED



1-3, 5-10, 12-17, 19-24 BOOKED






We are open whenever you need us to be.

 Please refer to our

contact form below

to discuss your dates.

This page is updated regularly to reflect bookings.

Our breakfast goods are healthy and use organic ingredients only.

We purposely don't have an in-house restaurant.  They are noisy and who wants to stay in the room above the kitchen?  

Tuscany has an abundance of fantastic places to eat.  We have three within walking distance, so you don't even have to get in a car. We can arrange private dining at the hotel.

Our gardens are the perfect place to wander and relax. We have sunny spots, shady corners and stunning views across the Val di Chiana valley.

Come back to a plumped up bed and a pristinely clean room every day.  

Free wifi? Of course.

A turquoise square in the middle of a medieval village? No.

Our elegant shallow pool is based on a design used in Tuscan country villas and is therefore completely in harmony with its surroundings. The perfect place to sit, refresh, and enjoy a glass of something chilled.

We are a private hotel in both senses of the word, so we don't do any social media and we never send out the dreaded feedback form or ask you to write a review.  Holidays are for switching-off, not feeling obliged to go online and write about somebody else's business.  


We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations; if you've enjoyed your time with us and have told your friends, that's the best feedback we could ask for. 


Prices depend on the season and your booking level (see 'How Do I Book' above). 
The maximum number of guests, including children, is usually capped at sixteen (please ask if your group is larger). 
Our minimum booking period is four rooms for four nights.
Our basic (Level One) cost starts at Euros 320 per room (not per person) per night.
Most rooms can be doubles or twins.

Our satisfaction comes from your contentment, providing you with a first-class experience, and welcoming you back the following year, not from looking at our end-of-year spreadsheets.

Check in: from 1500 hours
Check out: the hotel is yours until 1100 hours on the morning of your departure

We know that every moment of your holiday counts and we always offer flexibility on timings when possible



We had been talking about visiting Europe, in particular Tuscany, for years but we knew we would only do it once and we wanted to make it perfect . When we learned about iCastagni and their programmes we knew we had found the ideal route.  The team at iCastagni were wonderful from beginning to end. From the moment we were greeted at the airport, to the moment we waved goodbye, we received a top-level experience.  Our itinerary was well-designed and, essentially for us, well-paced.  We did so many wonderful things but still felt as though we had relaxed and let go of our busy lives.  So many wonderful memories and we would dearly love to do it again.  Thank you iCastagni.  We loved every minute.


we look forward to meeting you

and welcoming you to Tuscany

need inspiration?

click on our 'Level 2-Bespoke' and 'Level 3-Experiences'

tabs at the top of the page

please contact us with any and all questions

using the form below or email us at: 

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