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Tuscany - one of the most beautiful, inspiring, majestic, artistic, historical, poetic,

mouth-watering places on the planet

if you know where to go and what to do

we are here all year round and know this pocket of paradise like a lifelong friend: we know the places to go to and the ones to avoid; the authentic locations and the tourist traps; the 'real Italy' and the one adapted to suit visitors and give them a half-hearted, overpriced, experience. 


allow us to design a bespoke programme for you to include the things you want to do, not the things you don't.


our bespoke itineraries make the best use of your time and your budget, as well as ensuring you arrive home knowing you have experienced the real Italy.

please contact us for details


lost for ideas?

take a look at our pre-designed

Level 3 Experiences by clicking on

the tab above.

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